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Chinese Flower

In Chinese culture, flowers are not only objects of beauty, but also symbols of life,
happiness, and fertility. If you want to include a Chinese theme with your gift of flowers,
use the color red. Red is the symbol of ultimate joy in Chinese culture, and adding red
flowers to your gift of flowers will boost this popular Chinese decorative choice. Minimize
the use of white and yellow flowers, as these colors are the symbol of death and are used
only for funerals.

Popular Chinese Flowers:


The peony is a symbol of wealth and distinction. It is also regarded as an omen of good
fortune. Chinese peonies are typically found on Chinese paintings, and this flower is an
emblem of love and affection and also a symbol of feminine beauty.

The Chinese tree peony is a flower of the Yang principle or brightness and masculinity.
The tree peony bears the title, “The King of Flowers”.   It is also sometimes referred to as
“The Queen of Flowers”. The Chinese tree peony represents the season of spring. Chinese
peony paintings are often hung in the home for good luck and in the office to hope for a
good and prosperous business.


The orchid is the Chinese symbol of love and fertility. In the Spring and Autumn Period
(770-476 BC) of Chinese history, the renowned philosopher Confucius compared the
orchid to a man of noble character and praised its fragrance as “the scent of a king flower”.
Since that time, many Chinese have regarded the orchid as the most noble of flowers.


The Chinese lotus flower represents creative power and purity amid adverse surroundings.
This flower represents four virtues in the Buddhist religion as well as being the cornerstone
of Asian flower culture.

Chinese poets use lotus flowers to inspire people to continue striving through difficulty and
to show their best, no matter how bad their circumstances may be. This effort is
understood as being just like the lotus flower, which brings beauty and light from the
murky darkness at the bottom of the pond


Bamboo is a plant that is recommended by Feng Shui masters for your home or business.
Bamboo is low maintenance because it requires little direct sunlight, and little water. The
Chinese consider bamboo lucky, so it is often given as a gift at the start of a business, the
purchase of a new home, or as a gift to wish for future prosperity for the recipient. Bamboo
symbolizes advancement of career, prosperity, longevity, and energy.

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